We are offering all our new customers/learners a 50% discount.

In addition all our young learners will get their own Skoolbo

account. This will enable the students to use

Skoolbo at home and also during our


Skoolbo is a great new program to help with reading and math. Children are immersed in an incredible learning world and are highly motivated by the inbuilt rewards. Parents and teachers are equipped with an array of tools to help achieve wonderful educational outcomes for their children.

ClassBo is a great feature to encourage and motivate your class. Set a challenge for your class to reach a certain number of answers within the timeframe and keep track of the results with your very own leaderboard!

Donald Patnaude   092-267-8113   donald@ajdon.asia


Supawan Inbunna   088-249-4917 / 089-201-1680   supawan@ajdon.asia

Donald Patnaude   092-267-8113   donald@ajdon.asia

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